I have over 20 years experience working in various facets of information technology having started my post-collegiate career as an accountant in a pre-personal computer world.  The company I worked for was quite progressive in those days who had the vision for putting a computer on everyone's desk in a day when personal computing was solely a hobby.  I saw the value in understanding the data and access methods.  Using 5th generation programming languages, I was able to cut my workload to a quarter for what it was before in putting the focus on the specific data I needed for the task at hand rather than having to fish it out of reams of printout.  From there I continually worked myself out of a job from leveraging the power of the computer to make my job efficient.

After a few years, I entered into the IT department as a developer.  From there I had the opportunity to augment the paradigm of leveraging the computer to make myself more efficient and productive toward doing the same to help a group of people more productive.  I saw my own productivity multiplied in the productivity of others.  This is my passion working in with technology.  It is an enabler for people to concentrate more on moving the business forward than taking pride over performing redundant tasks that in the bigger picture doesn't amount to much.  

If you'd like, you can view my LinkedIn profile to see my resume.

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