Stuff about old cars.  I like the design and the passion of the cars and their makers from yesteryear.   I have fond memories of my Dad who had an auto body shop while I was growing up.  We had a lot of different types of cars come through.

One car I distinctly remember as a young boy was the experience of riding in an early 50's model Buick.  My Dad took that car in on trade for next to nothing.  The paint and interior was in pristine condition.  The only thing wrong was that it would not go in reverse; the reason why the old car was basically given away in the trade.  After sitting for a year, my Dad got around to take a peek at the problem to find that a cotter pin had fallen out, leaving the linkage to the transmission unconnected for reverse.  After reconnecting and securing the linkage, the car had no problem finding its way out the drive.

Just after he had fixed the unidirectional issue, my grandfather came to visit.  The only time that I ever remember my Dad had taken that car out for a drive was with he and my grandfather running an errand to the grocery store for my Mom.  I distinctly remember sitting in the back seat and how comfortable and luxurious that seat was as well as the low rumbling of that deep dark trademark sound those old straight eight engines made. . . Mmmmm.  I will never forget that experience.

Someday, I'd love to restore one of those old "Big Birthas".  It is good to have a goal and a dream.

Tuesday 7th of April 2020 -  Copyright 2016 Allan Wolfe