What is a Federated Name Service?  In a nutshell, it is a service that is organized by types of reference information such as in a library.  There are books in the library of all different types.  You select the book off the shelf that best suits your needs.  As well, the information is different that data that would be stored in a database, though the data in a Federated Name Service is stored in a database on the back end.  This data is generally written once and read many times. There are many guides over what and how to implement LDAP directory services.  This article talks mainly about how to leverage LDAP in access control in a network of open system hosts with multiple user and admin groups in the enterprise.

There are different aspects to consider in tailoring the user environment to operate holistically in an open systems network.  One major architectural difference between open systems and MS Windows is that applications, for the most part are dependent on a local registry database that a packaged application plants its configuration.  Historically with traditional UNIX environments, there is only a text file that contains it's configuration information, whether a set of key/value pairs or a simple shell file assigning values to variables.  

This article is complimentary to the previous article "User Profile and Environment".  Broad topics include: Which Shell?, Utilities, Managing Open Source.

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