I've worked with the ServiceNow system for about 3 years now.  ServiceNow is a combination of a SaaS and IaaS sytem that provides out-of-box functionality for ITIL and general service management functionality.

I've worked on development frameworks in older systems of the past.  The Glide framework underneath the ServiceNow platform is truly revolutionary for bringing software development into the 21st century.  It is well thought out where the developer can concentrate mostly on process rather than re-invent rudimentary code to support application aspects such as navigation and UI form presentation.  This is all supplied as part of the core framework.  The customer/developer facing elements are stored as configuration elements, including data definition.  The customer/developer has no direct access to the backend database.  All data definition is stored as meta data using the same semantics into the database as any application developed on top of the platform itself.

Database records are displayed in one of two formats:  "list view" where a number of records are viewed in a column/row format and "UI view" where fields on a single record is displayed and possibly a list of related records displayed in the parent record's view.

Other backend features include a job scheduler, mail server, event handler, integrations using SOAP, REST, incoming email parser, and "runbook".  


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